Pop Up Shopping!

November 25, 2009
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So I heard there were a couple of Pop Up Boutiques that just POPPED up downtown and the thought I’d go check’em out for you.

FLURRY-Corner of SW4th and Morrison

What a great space man. Open and light and bright.  They had like 50 dressing rooms to try things on too!

WeMa Wool Trouser $172

These wool pants were FANTASTIC!  They had the most beautiful drape and were so comfortable without looking comfortable with the lycra band at the waist.  UGH LOVED! They have this stitching detail on them too that makes them a true work of art.


Varnish Clothing $205

I always love LBD’s that aren’t LBD’s. I mean what’s more boring than a black dress when you can get away with a MIDNIGHT NAVY dress like this one!  The cut, the shape, PERFECT for most any body type and so well priced.  A dress this well made can easily set you back a Benjamin or two more.

Varnish Clothing Coat $350

Show stopper jacket! This would so stand out in the sea of black Columbia ‘slickers’ on the streets of Portland.  Well crafted.  It’s just like wearing art people!

Maytee Skirt $290

This is one of the reason you shop at boutiques.  To find those pieces that NOBODY has.  Pieces that are statement making, conversation starting, compliment receiving pieces!  When you find that/those piece(s) then you splurge and that’s just what the skirt is worth.  A splurge.


Sahlia Michelle Earrings $90

Just about the leave the store when I spot Sahlia (gorg name) Michelle’s lovely but not too lovely jewelry.  It’s feminine but still a little tough around the edges.  You’ve got to check more of her jewelry out.  These are wear-em-everyday pieces.


Off to WORKROOM719 just up the street on Morrison across from Nordstrom

Charles & Victoria

First of all the designer Rachel Ancliffe greets you with a very warm hello as your struck by a wonderful aroma. Really! It smells so great in this little Pop Up Boutique!

Rachel is ready for her next line to come to life which is represented in the STEALS you can score of her product!  This designer gets a woman’s body and reflects that in the cut of her silhouettes as well as simply offering her sizes up to a 14.  hallelujah sista!

Charles & Victoria Dress $125

Ok originally $498 this dress is being given away at $125!  Can’t you see this dress with black tuxedo jacket, some grey tights and black booties? Or with T neck underneath and a denim jacket over with your favorite pair of Frye Boots (As I would wear it;))  You can make this dress work for now and later.

Charles & Victoria Pant $99

These pants were originally over $300 and Rachel is selling them now for $99.  Seriously giving her stuff away! These have the coolest feature too.  There are zipper that go up part of the leg in the front.  Super rock’n roll without being so overt.

Charles & Victoria Tuxedo Pant $106

Can’t you just see the legend Katherine Hepburn wearing these! Ugh I melt all over them!  Originally $425 now just $106.

Also at WORKROOM719: Designer Scarlet Chamberlain http://www.sforscarlet.com

Scarlet is truly a jewelry designer.  She has such a passion for creating unique and beautiful pieces made with the most thoughtful gems, metals and stones.  Every piece is one you’ll adore for a lifetime!

Scarlet Necklace $195

This piece was so well thought.  The green with the brass. So original.  Also you can adjust the necklace to be high on your neck for a bib necklace effect or lower to decorate your decollete.  Genius!


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Tar (j) find

November 22, 2009
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Found this very cute black handbag/clutch at taget for $20! Doesn’t look cheap at all. Perfect for everyday over your shoulder or a night out with d’girls as a clutch!

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Say, Say, Say…great finds!

November 22, 2009
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Spotted a couple of great accessories at Say Say Boutique on 1010 SW Morrison Street.

Relan Pouch $13

I have an official ‘bag problem’. My front hallway ‘coat rack’ is really my handbag rack.  How do I keep the exchange of one bag to another smooth and without a temper tantrum of dumping out the contents of my handbag on the kitchen table?  I use a pouch.  I put my wallet, business cards, lip gloss and Tide stain remover in it (the necessities).  So when I want to change from my brown Isabella Fiora bag to my classic camel Cole Haan I just grab my pouch out of one, throw it in the other, and I’m ready to roll!   Here I found a very stylish ‘pouch’ by Relan for $13!  Great price for a statement pouch.  I mean you have to pull that sucker out to pay for your next handbag so you’d better pull out a stylish pouch right!







N'Joy Clutch $30

A stylish clutch can absolutely MAKE an outfit.  Pair this fantastic clutch with a simple LBD and your outfit has instant style and personality! I love how incredibley affordable this is at $30 but looks like it cost you a Benjamin or more!  This would also totally work with a tee and jeans too!  Another thing I love about this (especially being a mother.  It’s easy to wipe clean if say your kid gets grabby with his peanut butter hands. All about the functionality and versatility baby.

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A little bubbly at Bubble Boutique

November 20, 2009
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Hit up the Manhattan at Midnight fashion show at Bubble boutique lastnight. What a great event! Fantastic food provided by Caffe Allora and fashions provided by Bubble Boutique. This very tres chic boutique specializes in cocktail dresses along with modern and sophisticated seperates for the modern woman. Here are a couple of my favorite finds from last nights event (noted in order)
Khan Silk print dress $260
This dress is like wearing art. It’s magnificent! Pair it with some skinny jeans and some black booties for a more casual look and black tights and some wine colored vintage inspired pumps for an event or holiday party. Two things I love besides the versitility about this dress, it’s cut so your body has some breathing room while not losing your bodies shape AND there is a cool exposed zipper in the back that gives this gorg dress a little rock’n roll. Appropriate for any age!
Kyumi strapeless ruffle dress $230
I wanted to get a better pic of this dress on the model but It put me in some kind of glorious trance which I didn’t snap out of until the dress was walking off the runway. Luckily I got a picture of it ‘off the rack’ which doesn’t really do it justice. Trust me though, if you’ve got gams to show off, this is your dress! It’s is a stunna! If I wasn’t rock’n a baby belly right now, this dress would have been mine! One thing I love about this dress, it has elastic at the waist and bodice! Yes this elegant, sophisticated dress is also comfortable! Check, check and CHECK!
To check out more from Bubble Boutique check them out at http://www.bubbleboutique.com





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Here for YOU!

November 20, 2009
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I wanted to start a new blog where I could share with you the GREAT fashion finds I come upon here in our amazing city of Portland.  As a professional Fashion Consultant and owner of Dahlstyle as well as the Personal Style Editor for KPTV’s TV magazine show BETTER, I can provide you with a unbiased approach to shopping here in Portland Oregon.  I’ll only make suggestion for things I would suggest for my own clients who deserve only the most flattering, functional and fabulous fashions that can be found.

Thank you for tuning in and I look forward to hearing from you! Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I can’t find it for you!


Sara Dahlquist


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