Say, Say, Say…great finds! | November 22, 2009

Spotted a couple of great accessories at Say Say Boutique on 1010 SW Morrison Street.

Relan Pouch $13

I have an official ‘bag problem’. My front hallway ‘coat rack’ is really my handbag rack.  How do I keep the exchange of one bag to another smooth and without a temper tantrum of dumping out the contents of my handbag on the kitchen table?  I use a pouch.  I put my wallet, business cards, lip gloss and Tide stain remover in it (the necessities).  So when I want to change from my brown Isabella Fiora bag to my classic camel Cole Haan I just grab my pouch out of one, throw it in the other, and I’m ready to roll!   Here I found a very stylish ‘pouch’ by Relan for $13!  Great price for a statement pouch.  I mean you have to pull that sucker out to pay for your next handbag so you’d better pull out a stylish pouch right!







N'Joy Clutch $30

A stylish clutch can absolutely MAKE an outfit.  Pair this fantastic clutch with a simple LBD and your outfit has instant style and personality! I love how incredibley affordable this is at $30 but looks like it cost you a Benjamin or more!  This would also totally work with a tee and jeans too!  Another thing I love about this (especially being a mother.  It’s easy to wipe clean if say your kid gets grabby with his peanut butter hands. All about the functionality and versatility baby.


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